Most Read from Asian Journals

Most Read from Asian Journals


Most Accessed Articles from Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry and Chemistry – An Asian Journal:

Chemistry – An Asian Journal

[FREE]Near-Infrared Organic Compounds and Emerging Applications
Gang Qian, Zhi Yuan Wang

[FREE]Discovery and Syntheses of “Superbug Challengers”—Platensimycin and Platencin
Kalanidhi Palanichamy, Krishna P. Kaliappan

[FREE]A Synthetic Amino Acid Residue Containing A New Oligopeptide-Based Photosensitive Fluorescent Organogel
Dibakar Kumar Maiti, Arindam Banerjee

[FREE]InI3– or ZnI2-Catalyzed Reaction of Hydroxylated 1,5-Allenynes with Thiols: A New Access to 3,5-Disubstituted Toluene Derivatives
Jie Ma, Lingling Peng, Xiu Zhang, Zhe Zhang, Melody Campbell, Jianbo Wang

[FREE]Click Chemistry: 1,2,3-Triazoles as Pharmacophores
Sandip G. Agalave, Suleman R. Maujan, Vandana S. Pore

[FREE]10 Years of Click Chemistry: Synthesis and Applications of Ferrocene-Derived Triazoles
Venkataraman Ganesh, V. Sai Sudhir, Taraknath Kundu, Srinivasan Chandrasekaran

[FREE]Sulfonyl and Phosphoryl Azides: Going Further Beyond the Click Realm of Alkyl and Aryl Azides
Seok Hwan Kim, Sae Hume Park, Ji Ho Choi, Sukbok Chang

[FREE]N -Alkylsulfonylimines as Dipolarophiles in Cycloaddition Reactions
Louise A. Stubbing, G. Paul Savage, Margaret A. Brimble

[FREE]Straightforward Iron-Catalyzed Synthesis of Vinylboronates by the Hydroboration of Alkynes
Michael Haberberger, Stephan Enthaler

[FREE]Silica-Coated Metal Nanoparticles
Shuhua Liu, Ming-Yong Han

[FREE]Asymmetric Mixed-Valence Complexes that Consist of Cyclometalated Ruthenium and Ferrocene: Synthesis, Characterization, and Electronic-Coupling Studies
Si-Hai Wu, Jun-Jian Shen, Jiannian Yao, Yu-Wu Zhong

[FREE]Metal-Free 1,5-Regioselective Azide–Alkyne [3+2]-Cycloaddition
Florian Kloss, Uwe Köhn, Burkhard O. Jahn, Martin D. Hager, Helmar Görls, Ulrich S. Schubert

[FREE]Diastereo- and Enantioselective Organocatalytic Direct Conjugate Addition of γ-Butenolide to Chalcones
Yinan Zhang, Chenguang Yu, Yafei Ji, Wei Wang

[FREE]Titania-Coated Metal Nanostructures
Zhi Wei Seh, Shuhua Liu, Ming-Yong Han

[FREE]Preparation of Chiral α-Substituted Alaninates through an Efficient Diastereoselective Synthesis of Trisubstituted Allylic Alcohols
Balraj Gopula, Way-Zen Lee, Hsyueh-Liang Wu

[FREE]The Development of Better Photocatalysts through Composition- and Structure-Engineering
Dieqing Zhang, Guisheng Li, Hexing Li, Yunfeng Lu

[FREE]Reaction of an “Invisible” Frustrated N/B Lewis Pair with Dihydrogen
Sina Schwendemann, Shunsuke Oishi, Susumu Saito, Roland Fröhlich, Gerald Kehr, Gerhard Erker

[FREE]Reverse Regioselectivity in the Palladium(II) Thiourea Catalyzed Intermolecular Pauson–Khand Reaction
Na Wu, Lujiang Deng, Lianzhu Liu, Qi Liu, Chuangchuang Li, Zhen Yang

[FREE]Enhanced Performance of Quasi-Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells by Branching the Linear Substituent in Sensitizers Based on Thieno[3,4-c]pyrrole-4,6-dione
Quanyou Feng, Weiyi Zhang, Gang Zhou, Zhong-Sheng Wang

[FREE]Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Monodispersed Metal-Organic Framework Microcrystals
Guang Lu, Chenlong Cui, Weina Zhang, Yayuan Liu, Fengwei Huo

[FREE]Ethylene Glycol: A Powerful Catalyst-Free Medium for C-C Bond-Forming Reactions
Yun-Lin Liu, Xing-Ping Zeng, Jian Zhou

[FREE]Click Chemistry-Based Functionalization on Non-Oxidized Silicon Substrates
Yan Li, Chengzhi Cai

[FREE]Click to Join Peptides/Proteins Together
Xuechen Li

[FREE]Mitsunobu Reaction of 1,2,3-NH-Triazoles: A Regio- and Stereoselective Approach to Functionalized Triazole Derivatives
Wuming Yan, Tao Liao, Odbadrakh Tuguldur, Cheng Zhong, Jeffrey L. Petersen, Xiaodong Shi

[FREE]Biofunctional Silicon Nanoparticles by Means of Thiol-Ene Click Chemistry
Loes Ruizendaal, Sidharam P. Pujari, Veronique Gevaerts, Jos M. J. Paulusse, Han Zuilhof

Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry

[FREE]Gold-Catalyzed Tandem Cyclization/Cycloaddition Reaction of Enynones: Highly Regioselective Synthesis of Oxabicyclic Compounds and Naphthyl Ketones
Xian-Rong Song, Xiao-Feng Xia, Bo Song, Xiang Tian, Hai-Tiao Zhu, An-Xi Zhou, Xue-Yuan Liu, Yong-Min Liang
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry

[FREE]Synthesis of Pyrroles, Indoles, and Carbazoles through Transition-Metal-Catalyzed C–H Functionalization
Naohiko Yoshikai, Ye Wei
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry

[FREE]Solvent-Free Fmoc Protection of Amines Under Microwave Irradiation
Marcelo Godoi, Giancarlo V. Botteselle, Jamal Rafique, Manuela S. T. Rocha, Jesus M. Pena, Antonio L. Braga
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry

[FREE]Progress in Designing Artificial Proteases: A New Therapeutic Option for Amyloid Diseases
Junghun Suh
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry

[FREE]Catalytic Methods for Imine Synthesis
Rajendra D. Patil, Subbarayappa Adimurthy
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry

[FREE]Organometallic Approaches for Direct Modification of Peripheral C-H Bonds in Porphyrin Cores
Hideki Yorimitsu, Atsuhiro Osuka
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry

Free Synthesis of Pyrroles, Indoles, and Carbazoles through Transition-Metal-Catalyzed C–H Functionalization
Naohiko Yoshikai, Ye Wei
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry

Free Straightforward and Versatile Synthesis of Fullerooxazoles from C60 and Carboxamides through Radical Reactions under Mild Conditions
Youhei Takeda, Satoru Enokijima, Toshiki Nagamachi, Kazuhisa Nakayama, Satoshi Minakata
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry

Free The Synthesis of Aromatic Heterocycles from Propargylic Compounds
Wen Jia-Jie, Yu Zhu, Zhuang-Ping Zhan
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry

Free Carbon–Halogen Bond Formation by the Reductive Elimination of PdII Species
Xuefeng Jiang, Hui Liu, Zhenhua Gu
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry

Free Total Synthesis of Marinoquinoline A Using a Palladium(0)-Catalyzed Ullmann Cross-Coupling Reaction
Xinghua Ma, Yen Vo, Martin G. Banwell, Anthony C. Willis
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry

Free Synthesis of π-Extended Coumarins and Evaluation of Their Precursors as Reactive Fluorescent Probes for Mercury Ions
Inae Kim, Dokyoung Kim, Sunderraman Sambasivan, Kyo Han Ahn
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry

Free Direct C-H Arylation of Heteroarenes Catalyzed by Palladium/ Nitrogen-Based Ligand Complexes
Fumitoshi Shibahara, Toshiaki Murai
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry

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