Wastewater-Treatment Systems for Chinese Refinery

Wastewater-Treatment Systems for Chinese Refinery

Author: ChemistryViews.org

Siemens Energy has received an order from Sinopec Jiujiang Petrochemical Company, Jiangxi province of China, for the supply of a refinery wastewater treatment system. It will includes biological Powdered Activated Carbon Treatment (PACT), Wet Air Regeneration (WAR) and a Hydro-Clear filter system, and a Zimpro wet air oxidation (WAO) system for spent caustic treatment. Both of these systems are key components in Jiujiang Petrochemical’s upgrade to meet the new national discharge standards for wastewater and for water re-use. Start-up is targeted for the end of 2014.

The PACT/WAR system will treat oily wastewater for reuse in the refinery. This is done by biological treatment of wastewater using powdered activated carbon. The system will also treat salty wastewater from the refinery process to meet stringent requirements for discharge into the Yangtze River.

The WAR unit provides for treatment of the activated carbon used in the PACT process. It is a biophysical wastewater treatment process. The WAR unit simultaneously regenerates the spent carbon and destroys the associated biological solids with a regenerated carbon recovery rate of up to 95 %. This helps to avoid expensive sludge dewatering and disposal.

The Zimpro WAO system will be used to destroy reactive sulfides in the refinery spent caustic, and to break down complex phenolic compounds prior to final wastewater polishing in the PACT system.

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