Author: Veronika Belusa

The Act on the Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals in South Korea, known as Korea REACH or K-REACH, will come into force on January 1st, 2015. Its purpose is to protect public health and the environment trough:

  • Registration of chemical substances;
  • Screening of hazardous chemical substances;
  • Hazard and risk assessment of products containing chemical substances and hazardous substances;
  • Sharing information of chemical substance.

The current Toxic Chemical Control Act (TCCA) which came into force on February 2nd, 1991, will be divided into Korea REACH and the Chemicals Control Act (CCA) on January 1st, 2015. K-REACH focuses on the registration and evaluation of substances while CCA focuses on the control of hazardous substance and the response to chemical accidents.

The Korean Ministry of Environment (MoE) is responsible for the registration and evaluation of chemical substances under this Act. Manufacturers and importers of chemical substances will be required to report their quantities and uses to MoE.


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