How to Best Serve Champagne

How to Best Serve Champagne

Author: ChemistryViews

Prepare for New Year’s Eve and find out how to pour champagne to make it taste even better.

Keeping in as much CO2 as possible is key to enjoying your bubbly’s taste and texture.


  • Chill the bottle

In terms of serving temperature, cooler is better. At higher temperatures more CO2 gets lost during the pouring process.

  • Open it gently

While a big “pop” is showy, it wastes carbonation. Properly opening a bottle should result in no more than a quiet sigh. Make sure to shake the bottle as little as possible to achieve this.

  • Keep the glass clean

Any specks of dust or fibre provide a starting point for bubbles to form, and too many of those result in a very short-lived fizzy enjoyment.

  • Angle the glass

Pour the champagne down the side of an angled glass. This results in less foaming and turbulence which means that less CO2 is lost.


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