Reinventing the Fridge?

Reinventing the Fridge?


The greenhouse-gas output from the cooling industry is expected to rise to almost a quarter of the total greenhouse-gas production, if nothing changes. Magnetocaloric heat pumps could change this: They use solid, nontoxic materials and have no greenhouse-gas effect, and recycling on an almost element-specific basis is extremely simple.

Ekkes Brück, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, was involved with the BASF in the development of a prototype of a magnetocaloric wine-cooler refrigerant [1]. In an interview he discusses the significance of these energy-efficient heat pumps, their competitiveness with other technologies, and their environmental advantages.

Reinvent the Fridge?

Will magnetocaloric materials make refrigeration technology more efficient and sustainable?

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[1] Prototype of Magnetocaloric Wine Cooler, Veronika Belusa, 13 January 2015.



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