Cell By Cell

Cell By Cell

Author: ChemViews

The use of gold nanowires conjugated with cytokine has been demonstarted as a transport and delivery agent at the subcellular level by a team led by C. L. Chien and Andre Levchenko, Johns Hopkins University, USA.

They used electrophoretic and dielectrophoretic forces to guide the nanowire along a prescribed trajectory to a specific location. The nanowires could be transported forwards and backwards along a zig-zag trajectory and restored to their original locations within microns.

The tumor-necrosis factor-alpha activated canonical nuclear factor-kappaB signalling in a single cell and stimulation was shown to be highly localized to the nanowire vicinity.

This precise delivery of molecular doses of biologically active chemicals to a pre-specified single cell among many could allow individual cell manipulation and targeted intervention.

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