Evonik Invests in Nanophotonics

Evonik Invests in Nanophotonics

Author: ChemistryViews.org

Evonik has invested in Nanocomp and now holds a minority share in the company. It was made as part of an investment syndicate with Finnvera Venture Capital. The investment sum was not disclosed. Nanocomp is a leading developer and producer of micro- and nano-optical structures that are imprinted on polymer films. For this they use their unique roll-to-roll-based technology, where the structures are imprinted onto the films in a highly efficient and precise way. The functionalities of these films enable optical systems to achieve higher performance and to become smaller.

Nanocomp’s products are already used in state-of-the-art display illumination and laser sensing solutions. Within the consumer electronics market, the company achieves yearly revenues in the medium single-digit million euro range.

Nanocomp’s innovations in nanophotonics give access to light management techniques that cannot be achieved with conventional optics: Cameras are enabled to recognize gestures even in 3D and surgeons can rely on better image quality for minimally invasive operations. Information on displays is easier to read even in difficult lighting conditions. Nano-optical structures are also needed in augmented reality, for example, in glasses where additional (virtual) information is phased into one’s field of view by an integrated mini-computer.

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