Science Park Joint Venture

Science Park Joint Venture

Author: Leiden University

First Chinese pharma company to settle at Leiden Bio Science Park

During the Dutch Life Sciences week at the Shanghai World Expo the Leiden Bio Science Park closed two important deals. A new Chinese/Dutch joint venture company will be located at the Leiden Bio Science Park. The park also signed a cooperation agreement with a Chinese science park.

Joint venture

The Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, one of the largest pharma companies in China, has established a Joint Venture with SU Biomedicine, a spinout of TNO Quality of Life. This JV will soon be located at Leiden Bio Science Park. On Monday June 14, during the Dutch Life Sciences week at the World Expo in Shanghai, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, Leiden Bio Science Park and the Province of South-Holland on this occasion. Leiden Bio Science Park is very proud to host the Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group soon.

Herbal medicines on Western market

SU Biomedicine focuses on the introduction of herbal medicines on the Western market. Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group produces both generics and herbal medicines and they will enter the Western market through this new Joint Venture which focuses entirely on safety, quality and effectiveness of their products.

Leiden partners with Jiangsu

The Leiden Bio Science Park twins with Jiangsu Life Sciences & Technology Innovation Park in Nanjing, in the heart of the pharmaceutical hot spot of China. On June 17, a ‘Cooperation Framework Agreement’ was signed between both parties, on the invitation of Jiangsu Life Sciences Park. This park, which is located in the Yangtze River delta, comprises 12 universities and has a surface of 675 acres (about twice the size of the Leiden Bio Science Park). Apart from this there will be ample room for biotech companies, there will be a 5* hotel, a shopping mall, convenient housing and more facilities.

Stimulate each other’s development

In the future both partners hope to stimulate each other’s development. “The Chinese partners are full of ambition”, comments Nettie Buitelaar, CEO of the Leiden Bio Science Park foundation.

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