Optimized Production of Plasticizer Alcohols

Optimized Production of Plasticizer Alcohols

Author: ChemistryViews.org

In the future, Evonik Industries will produce the plasticizer alcohol 2-propylheptanol (2-PH) much more efficiently at its site in Marl, Germany. 2-PH is predominantly used as raw material for the production of esters which are mainly used as plasticizer, e.g., for the production of PVC products.

2-PH is produced using the oxo reaction. An alkene is transformed using a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen as well as a catalyst system, which is made of a metal and a ligand. Evonik has developed the new ligand OxoPhos 64i which makes the process more efficient and enables longer plant operation and less maintenance.

Plasticizer alcohols have a volume of 5 million metric tons per year and represent an interesting, continuously growing market for Evonik. Besides 2-PH, the company also produces the plasticizer alcohol isononanol (INA) on a world-scale level. With a capacity for both alcohols of more than 400,000 metric tons annually, Evonik is the largest manufacturer of C9/C10 plasticizer alcohols in Europe.


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