Safer and Greener Antifreeze

Safer and Greener Antifreeze


Edward V. Clancy and Michael Minard, ACTA Technology, Inc., Boulder, CO, USA, have created an ecofriendly and safe antifreeze. They combined propylene glycol, a common food additive, with a nanoparticle additive to thin the propylene glycol. Propylene glycol alone is thicker than the so far used ethylene glycol, leading to less efficient cooling and added costs.

The researchers found that their antifreeze was 60 % more efficient at cooling than conventional formulations. It can improve automobiles’ fuel economy because the car’s radiator could be smaller and less fluid needs to be pumped in the automobiles’ cooling system.

The team plans to first optimize the antifreeze for smaller markets, such as the food and beverage industry, aiming to be on the market within one year.

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