Measurements Improve Workspaces

Measurements Improve Workspaces


Improving indoor air at workplaces makes employees feel better and a company more productive. 720 Degrees, a company started in 2012, offers indoor environmental quality monitoring services.

Measuring devices approximately the size of two mobile phones are installed at the workplace. They monitor the environment and cover roughly 100 m². They measures parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, carbone dioxide, total amount of volatile organic compounds, particulate matters (1, 2.5, 10 µm), as well as acoustics such as noise level and type of noise to identify distractions and noises that have effects on health. The measurement results are transmitted to a system that can be monitored by the company management or the building owners. In addition, the same data is transmitted to tablets that allow the employees to monitor the results while also giving feedback based on their own observations, such as dry eyes.

According to the company, the service is interesting for companies with large office spaces as well as for education facilities and is sparking a lot of interest in other European countries.


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