World´s Largest Polyamide 6-Plant

World´s Largest Polyamide 6-Plant

Author: ChemistryViews

Lurgi GmbH has been awarded a contract for the world´s largest Polyamid 6-plant by Fujian Jinjiang Technology Co., Ltd. in Changle, Fujian, China.

Fujian Jinjiang Technology Co. is currently dedicated to the manufacture and sale of high-end polyamide fibers for all kinds of  textile applications in China and will integrate backwards with a single line capacity of 260 t/day of Polyamide-6. Lurgi will supply Zimmer two-stage Polyamide 6-technology with the basic engineering, the main equipment including the pre-polymerization- and VK tube reactors, and the supervision of erection and commissioning.

Polyamide-6 is a synthetic thermoplastic, which is mainly used for engineering plastics, textile and carpet filaments. With its more than 350 PA-6 plants worldwide based on Zimmer technology, Lurgi is the market leader in this industry.

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