Excellent Catalysts for Recycling of Released CO2

Excellent Catalysts for Recycling of Released CO2

Author: Marc Reckler

Peter Zapol, Stefan Vajda, Larry A. Curtiss, Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont, IL, USA, and colleagues have developed an effective low-pressure catalyst for CO2 reduction to CH3OH.

The researchers have investigated size-selected Cu4 clusters supported on Al2O3 thin films. Due to the unique coordination environment of the Cu atoms in the size-selected sub-nanometer clusters, the Cu4 clusters have a low activation barrier which makes the active sites superior to those of larger Cu particles.

According to the researchers, size-selected Cu4 clusters are the most active low-pressure catalyst for catalytic CO2 conversion to CH3OH. Therefore, they show great potential to be used as catalysts for CH3OH synthesis from catalytic conversion of CO2 using alternative feed streams with low CO2 concentration.


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