Renewable Diesel will Fuel UPS's Fleet

Renewable Diesel will Fuel UPS's Fleet


Neste’s NEXBTL renewable diesel will be used by UPS’s fleet operating in the USA starting mid-2015. The mutual intention is to expand the cooperation globally. Neste’s global renewable diesel reach is well aligned with UPS’s global business. UPS is planning to use up to 46 million gallon equivalents of renewable fuels over the next three years which will make UPS one of the largest users of renewable diesel in the world.

Produced from 100 % renewable and sustainable raw materials, NEXBTL provides significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. NEXBTL renewable diesel is produced in a patented vegetable oil refining process. It is a low-carbon renewable fuel that meets US national, California and other diesel specifications for use in diesel engines while realizing the benefits of better performance, and lower emissions. It is sold to fleets, refining companies and fuel distributors around the world. NEXBTL renewable diesel is based on the company’s proprietary technology. The fuel is not the same product as traditional biodiesel. NEXBTL is able to supplement or partially replace diesel fuel without problems.

  • Neste, Helsinki, Finland
  • UPS, Atlanta, USA


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