UK Gives Licences to Frack

UK Gives Licences to Frack


The Oil & Gas Authority (OGA), UK’s oil and gas regulator, announced that 27 onshore blocks from the 14th Onshore Oil and Gas Licensing Round will be formally offered to companies. Sites are located near to Nottingham, Sheffield, Lincoln, and Preston.A second group of 132 further blocks, including sites in parts of the West Country, south coast and parts of north England, has been subjected to detailed assessment under the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010, the findings of which are now out for consultation.

Subject to the outcome of that consultation, the OGA will announce offers for the second group of licence blocks later in the year. The licences for all offered blocks will then be granted after the terms and conditions have been finalized.

The 14th Onshore Oil and Gas Licensing Round was launched on 28 July 2014 and closed on 28 October 2014. A total of 95 applications were received from 47 companies covering 295 Ordnance Survey Blocks. A “block” is an area of land, typically 10km x 10km.

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