New New PP Plant in China

New New PP Plant in China

Author: ChemistryViews

Pucheng Clean Energy Chemical Co. (PCEC), China, joint venture of Shaanxi Coal & Chemical Industry Group and China Three Gorges Project Co. selected LyondellBasell’s Spheripol process technology for a new 400,000-t/a polypropylene (PP) plant. The starup of the plant, which is to be built in Pucheng County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, is planned for 2013.

The Spheripol process polypropylene plant will be part of one of China’s largest coal-based chemicals production projects, which is expected to produce more than two million tonnes of olefins per year.

The Spheripol process is the leading technology for the production of the entire range of polypropylene grades, including homopolymers, random copolymers and heterophasic copolymers. The Pucheng plant is the 109th Spheripol process line licensed to date; more than 22 million tonnes of Spheripol process polypropylene capacity have been licensed worldwide.

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