SABIC's Reorganization

SABIC's Reorganization


SABIC is undertaking a global transformation to create a more agile, cost-efficient, and customer-focused organization. The reorganization follows a comprehensive review addressing the challenges SABIC faces in the context of the company’s 2025 strategy – including changes in the market landscape as well as the need to drive technology and innovation. The new organizational structure is expected to be in place by January 1, 2016.

SABIC is optimizing its existing portfolio and at the same time investing in innovations. The commodity products of the Innovative Plastics Strategic Business Unit (SBU), for example, will now be housed in the Chemicals and Polymers SBUs. The remaining Innovative Plastics’ solutions will fall under a newly created SBU called Specialties. This business will serve as the exclusive home for SABIC specialty solutions. Along with the Performance Chemicals SBU, the Innovative Plastics SBU will cease to exist.

One of the drivers of this change is the differing technology priorities of commodity and specialty businesses. The future of the commodity line will depend heavily on innovations around advancing feedstock technology. Specialty products face challenges such as the need to seek out technology acquisitions and partnerships or joint ventures that can enrich the company’s existing portfolio.

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