What's New On CHEManager Europe

What's New On CHEManager Europe

Author: Brandi Schuster

CHEManager publishes the latest news and trends from the chemical industry. ChemistryViews is pleased to present this selection of the articles published this month in CHEManager Europe:


New Innovations Make the Use of Nano-Sized Materials in Cosmetics a Reality
Find out how a group of Ukrainian scientists developed and patented a state-of-the-art technology for obtaining metal nanoparticles.


Life Under Reach: Can the Example of High Phthalates Provide Hope for Others?
As December’s deadline for Reach registration draws closer, the future looks brighter for an essential group of chemicals – high molecular weight phthalates.

Industrial Sites:

How European On-Site Service Providers Can Best Position Themselves
How will the market develop for European providers of on-site services? Many parameters are still unsettled; what is certain, however, is that there are three key thematic areas that will play a central role in the definition of future positioning: internationalization, sub-contracting and investment concepts in the event of a change of ownership.

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