Bayer Investing in Agriculture Industry Sector

Bayer Investing in Agriculture Industry Sector


Bayer and the aerospace technology company Planetary Resources have signed a memorandum of understanding about the development of applications and products based on satellite images. Bayer intends to purchase these data to create new agricultural products and improve existing ones. The collaboration will be part of their Digital Farming Initiative.

According to Bayer, farmers, using the combined technologies from the two companies, can time their irrigation systems much better to save water, receive planting date recommendations, and re-planting advice, and assess their soil’s water-holding capacity. Another project is a canopy temperature scout that provides weekly practical insights and scouting support from emergence to harvest by identifying problem areas in the field.

Bayer is strengthening its activities in the market of digital farming through strategic investments, and is committed to long-term research and development collaborations with leading technology providers.


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