2015 Impact Factors

2015 Impact Factors

Author: ChemistryViews.org & Wiley

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Some highlights
of the release include

  • 1,204 Wiley journals now have an Impact Factor.
  • 33 Wiley journals received a top category rank.
  • 26 Wiley journals achieved a top ten category rank.
  • 12 % of all citations in the JCR are to Wiley titles.


Journal Impact Factors

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ChemPubSoc Europe Journals

ACES Journals

ACES Journals


Multidisciplinary Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry


Applied Chemistry



Chemical Engineering



Energy & Fuels

Medicinal Chemistry


Organic/Inorganic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry & Electrochemistry





New Journals with their First Impact Factors

  • ChemElectroChem 3.506 (Chemistry, Physical)

Highly Ranked Journals

  • Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis: Rank 1 in Chemistry, Applied
  • WIREs Computational Molecular Science: Rank 1 in Mathematical and Computational Biology
  • Mass Spectrometry Reviews: Rank 1 in Spectroscopy

Computational and Theoretical Chemistry Highlights

The Wiley computational and theoretical chemistry portfolio grows stronger as the go-to forum for reporting breakthroughs in the development and application of computational and modeling methods in chemistry, physics, biology, and materials science.

The flagship Journal of Computational Chemistry (2015 impact factor: 3.648) and the high impact review journal WIREs Computational Molecular Science (2015 impact factor: 10.234) confirm their roles among the top journals in the field, publishing highlights from all aspects of theoretical and computational chemistry: analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, physical, and materials.

With an impact factor of 2.184 (53 % increase from last year), the relaunched International Journal of Quantum Chemistry highlights the breadth of today’s quantum chemistry. IJQC reports research of urgency, significance, and broad interest to the theoretical and computational chemistry communities.

Selected articles published in the Wiley Computational & Theoretical Chemistry journals in 2015 (Free to Read):

Polymer Chemistry Highlights

The Journal of Applied Polymer Science has a new impact factor of 1.866, a rise for the eighth year in succession. The journal remains high up in the Polymer Science category for total number of citations, reinforcing its prominence in the field and reflecting its vital importance for researchers in both academia and industry.

The Journal of Polymer Science maintains its strong reputation in the polymer community with newly released 2015 Impact Factors of 3.114 for the Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Chemistry and 3.381 for the Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Physics.

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