Data Sharing For Korea REACH

Data Sharing For Korea REACH


ReachCentrum,  a professional service established originally by Cefic in 2016 to help companies fulfill the REACH requirements, has launched an online platform to facilitate the sharing of available endpoint related data between Europe and South Korea. This Data Brokerage Platform enables owners of data (companies or consortia) to sell the right to refer to the data to parties registering substances under Korea REACH, the South Korean Act on Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals. The platform is available in English and Korean. It supports European and non-European clients.

Korea REACH mirrors REACH in several aspects. It has the purpose of protecting public health and environment, through:
• Registration of Chemical Substances,
• Screening of Hazardous Chemical Substances,
• Hazard and Risk Assessment of products containing Chemical Substances and Hazardous Substances, and
• Sharing information of Chemical Substances.

Under Korea REACH, three waves of listed substances (PECs) require registration by 2018, 2021, and 2024. A majority of the data required exists already globally. Via the system, Sellers of data access (the data owner) will identify the data sets per substance they wish to make available under a Letter of Access (LoA) Agreement. Buyers will acquire rights to specific data for direct or read-across use.

Sharing of existing quality data will minimize the need for additional testing and costs thereof. The Data Brokerage Platform has been conceived for Korea REACH, but its features could be used in the future for other regulations.


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