Science Songs

Science Songs


Kirk Englehardt searched the web for ‘science songs’ and was disappointed to only find a short list mainly filled with the old and expected tunes. He collected 76 science related songs by searching his personal music library, asking his friends and followers on social media.

Currently, his list contains 138 songs. Among them are Love is Like Oxygen from Sweet, Manhattan Project from Rush, Sounds of Science from the Beastie Boys, River Runs Red from Midnight Oil. All songs and many comments can be found on this blog page Songs of Science.

Kirk Englehardt is Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communication at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, USA. His interests include communication strategies for research organizations and social media outreach for researchers and academics.

To create the “best collection of science-inspired songs on the web”, Englehardt asks everybody to join in with suggestions.


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