New OLED Materials Production Plant

New OLED Materials Production Plant


Merck announced that it has opened a production plant for OLED materials in Darmstadt, Germany. After a 14-month construction period, high-purity OLED materials for use in state-of-the-art displays and lighting systems are being produced in the approximately 2,000 m² building. With a total investment of around € 30 million, this is one of the largest single investments Merck has made at the Darmstadt site in recent years. The plant enables a fivefold increase in production capacity and can be started up stepwise.

By 2018, Merck aims to be one of the leading suppliers of OLED materials and deliver, from a single source, all the chemical materials necessary for OLED displays.

Picture: Ultrapure OLED material © Merck KGaA


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