Univar to Acquire Turkish Distributor Eral-Protek

Univar to Acquire Turkish Distributor Eral-Protek

Author: ChemistryViews

Univar Inc., a leading global chemical distributor has signed an agreement to acquire the leading Turkish chemical distributor, Eral-Protek, Istanbul. The deal is expected to close in February.

Eral-Protek is one of the leading players in the region’s mid-size chemical distribution sector and has a strong reputation with more than 25 years’ experience in the Turkish market. The acquisition, together with the Istanbul and Izmir operations of Basic Chemical Solutions, L.L.C., whose global business was acquired by Univar in December, will immediately give Univar a solid local presence in the region.

Eral-Protek distributes a wide range of products, including a number of exclusive lines, and has a strong focus on specialty chemicals, which aligns with Univar’s own specialty chemical offering. In particular it distributes into the rubber, coating, construction, plastic and composite industries.

Turkey is an important market for Univar; its population of more than 77 million people and its strong economic growth present significant opportunities for the business. It is also an important logistical and cultural bridge between European and Middle Eastern and African business.

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