Recommended Practice in Analytical Chemistry

Recommended Practice in Analytical Chemistry

Author: Martin Rothlisberger

Flavours and fragrances are important additives to food, beverages cosmetics, detergents, etc. Correct analyses are of vital importance, in particular regarding sampling, identification, quantification and sensory analysis practices.
Analytical scientists working in this field have a wide range of tools for separations and analyses. However, often they are not aware of the limitations of the methods and deliver incorrect results.

The Editors of Flavour and Fragrance Journal have, therefore, created a new type of article: Recommended Practices. In these articles authors describe the key steps of important techniques that are used in the flavour and fragrance domain by both, the industry and academia.

The first published three Recommended Practices articles are for free downloading.

If you have suggestions or plan to write a Recommended Practice, please contact one of the Editors before you start working on the manuscript!

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