Editor on Collaborative Computational Technologies for Biomedical Research Book

Dr. Antony J. Williams, FRSC, VP Strategic Development, Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, introduces his book: Collaborative Computational Technologies for Biomedical Research.

The book, he edited together with Dr. Sean Ekins, Arnold Consultancy and Technology LLC, NY, USA, and Dr. Maggie A. Z. Hupcey, PA Consulting, Princeton, NJ, USA, discusses the state-of-the-art collaborative and computing techniques for the pharmaceutical industry, the present and future implications and opportunities to advance healthcare research.

It tackles problems thoroughly, from both the human collaborative and the data and informatics side, and is very relevant to the day-to-day activities running a laboratory or a collaborative R&D project. It can be applied to help organizations make critical decisions about managing drug discovery and development partnership.

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