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Author: Vera Koester, Jasmin Herr, Johanna Rath

Stefanie Dehnen, Professor at the University of Marburg, Germany, has received the Alfred Stock Memorial Award from the GDCh for her research on cluster chemistry. The GDCh particularly honors her work on the synthesis, structure elucidation, and application of innovative heteronuclear cluster- and network compounds, which either consist of purely inorganic components or are inorganic–organic hybrid compounds.

We met Stefanie Dehnen at the GDCh office in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, for this interview and talked about her research, the importance of networks, how to run a successful research team, and the self-image of chemists.

For details on Stefanie Dehnen’ research and on the Alfred Stock Memorial Award, please also see “Alfred Stock Memorial Award for Stefanie Dehnen“.




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