Organic Materials Could Save Your Life – IYC Video Competition

Author: Véronique de Halleux

Organic materials are very attractive because they can be tailored to the required properties and thus give rise to new applications: efficient and non-toxic lighting, low cost solar cells for ubiquitous energy generation, energy efficient electronic papers or selective and sensitive medical and environmental sensors. This is why the European Community invests in this field, funding the ONE-P project.

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You are invited to submit a 3 min video sharing what is, in your opinion, Chemistry in Everyday Life. Entries could be serious documentaries or experiments, fictional pieces, humorous compositions, animation or any combination thereof.
Entry also enables you to win a FlipCamera and/or book vouchers.


  1. Md.Arif Titas

    I want to know more information about what can i do?

    Thank you, we will connect you with the author of the video. Your team


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