Developing More Environmentally Friendly Solvents

Author: Mario Müller

Professor Joan Brennecke, University of Notre Dame, IN, USA, gave the Fred Kavli Innovations in Chemistry Lecture at the ACS Meeting in San Francisco, USA. It promotes groundbreaking discoveries and the understanding of the world’s challenges and how chemistry can provide solutions.
In the video Joan Brennecke talks about her research which is focusing on the usage of ionic liquids to develop environmentally friendly processes.

Joan F. Brennecke
studied chemistry at the Universities of Texas, Austin, TX, and Illinois, Champaign, IL, USA, and gained her PhD in 1989 from the University of Illinois. Currently she is the Keating-Crawford Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department of University of Notre Dame and Director of the Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame.

Brennecke is known for her research in the development of more environmentally friendly solvents, specifically supercritical fluids and ionic liquids, for a wide variety of industrial processes. Her research interests include supercritical fluid technology, ionic liquids, thermodynamics, environmentally benign chemical processing, and CO2 separation, storage and usage, and more cost efficient harvesting of solar energy.

Article information

DOI: 10.1002/chemv.201400085



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