Solar Energy for the Poor? – Part III

Author: Mario Müller

In his presentation at the recent ACS Meeting in Boston, Daniel G. Nocera (MIT) reported on “an artificial oxygen-evolving catalyst (OEC) that is a functional mimic of the oxygen-evolving catalyst and photosystem II”.
At the end of his talk, he hinted at the possibility of bringing solar energy to the poor soon. ChemistryViews followed up and presents an exclusive three-part interview:

In the first part, Nocera demonstrates the storage of solar energy in the form of electrochemically produced oxygen and hydrogen and its use in a fuel cell to drive a propeller.
In the second and third parts, he gives a summary and outlook on the development of affordable solar energy in an industrial application. Stay tuned …

Daniel G. Nocera is a co-chairman of the Editorial Board of ChemSusChem, a journal on chemistry and sustainability, energy and materials published by ChemPubSoc Europe and Wiley-VCH.

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