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Author: Mario Müller

Interview with Sam Kean, the author of “The Disappearing Spoon”, at Pacifichem 2015. In The Disappearing Spoon, Kean looked at every element on the Periodic Table and explains the role of each one in science, mythology, the arts, war, medicine, and other areas. Mario Müller talked with him in Hawaii for ChemistryViews.org about his fascination of science and what he wants to achieve with his stories.

Sam Kean
Sam Kean is a writer in Washington, D.C, USA. He studied physics and English in Minnesota, USA.

His stories have appeared in The Best American Science and Nature Writing, The Atlantic, The New York Times Magazine, Mental Floss, Slate, and Psychology Today, among other places, and his work has been featured on “Radiolab” and NPR’s “All Things Considered,” among other shows. His books The Disappearing Spoon and The Violinist’s Thumb were US national bestsellers.


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