Discover Tutorials and Research Articles on Quantum Computing

Discover Tutorials and Research Articles on Quantum Computing

Author: Gian Asara

The International Journal of Quantum Chemistry wants to help the interested reader to dive into the new fascinating world of quantum computing. We present a small collection of articles written by chemists, physicists, mathematicians, and engineers, that highlight the technological features and theoretical foundation of quantum technology and the basics for quantum software development.

For example, we present:

  • a description of the quantum computing facilities available in the cloud [1] and their technological features and differences, together with operational details for each technology;
  • the basics of quantum information that enable to run quantum chemical simulations on quantum hardware and their relationship with quantum computing [2];
  • a detailed introduction to quantum state preparation with particular emphasis on Hamiltonian moments [3];
  • an example of a software application for quantifying protein-ligand interactions [4].

The International Journal of Quantum Chemistry will be a stage to showcase the achievements in this new area of quantum research: more articles on quantum algorithms and approximations have been recently published, and more tutorials are expected to come soon, so don’t miss out!  



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