DuPont to Separate Into Three Standalone Companies

DuPont to Separate Into Three Standalone Companies

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DuPont plans to separate into three distinct, publicly traded companies: New DuPont, Electronics, and Water. The company plans to split its electronics and water businesses into two publicly traded companies, while the remaining DuPont will continue to operate as a diversified industrial company. The idea is to benefit from increased focus and agility in their respective industries.

DuPont plans to execute tax-free separations of its Electronics and Water divisions, aiming to complete the process within 18 to 24 months. These separations are subject to various conditions, including approval by DuPont’s Board of Directors, tax opinions from counsel, SEC filings, regulatory approvals, and satisfactory financing.

Lori Koch, current Chief Financial Officer (CFO), is appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO), succeeding Ed Breen who will retain his role of Executive Chairman. Antonella Franzen, current Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of DuPont’s Water & Protection segment, is appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Following the separation, Lori Koch and Antonella Franzen will continue in their current roles within the New DuPont, with further details on additional executive and board appointments expected to be announced prior to the separation.

The New DuPont will focus on materials science, healthcare (including applications for biopharma consumables, medical devices, and medical packaging), advanced mobility, safety, construction, aerospace, and other industrial sectors, with iconic brands like Tyvek®, Kevlar®, and Nomex®. It will generate around $6.6 billion in net sales.

Electronics will provide electronic materials (including semiconductor solutions and advanced electronics products), positioned to capture growth in the semiconductor industry driven by high-performance computing demands from AI, high-speed connectivity, smart and autonomous vehicles, and the Internet of Things. It will generate around $4.0 billion in net sales with a focus on innovation-based growth.

Water will focus on water filtration and purification solutions, offering technologies in reverse osmosis, ion exchange, and ultrafiltration across various market segments including industrial water and energy, life sciences, municipal and desalination, and residential and commercial sectors. It will generate around $1.5 billion in net sales.

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