European Polymer Conference on Dynamic Polymer Networks (EUPOC 2023)

The event aims to offer a platform to discuss the main challenges facing dynamic polymer networks (DNPs), bringing together scientists, engineers, and students working on every aspect of this research field.


  • Synthesis and processing of DPNs
  • DPNs from renewable resources
  • Recycling of DPNs
  • Characterization of DPNs
  • Supramolecular DPNs
  • Modelling of DPN properties
  • DPNs with programmed functions
  • Cutting-edge applications of DPNs

Selected Speakers

  • Christopher N. Bowman, University of Colorado, USA
  • Joost Brancart, VUB, Belgium
  • William Dichtel, Northwestern University, USA
  • Hans Heuts, TU/e, The Netherlands
  • Yan Ji, Tsinghua University, China
  • Julia Kalow, Northwestern University, USA
  • Dominik Konkolewicz, Miami University, USA
  • Renaud Nicolaÿ, ESPCI, PSL, France
  • Stuart Rowan, University of Chicago, USA
  • Evelyne van Ruymbeke, UCLouvain, Belgium
  • Sandra Schloegl, PCCL, Austria
  • Cornelis Storm, TU/e, The Netherlands
  • John M. Torkelson, Northwestern University, USA
  • Christoph Weder, AMI Fribourg, Switzerland
  • Tao Xie, Zhejiang University, China
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