From Science to Business

Discover your entrepreneurial spirit! Young Entrepreneurs in Science is an interactive workshop programme for PhDs and academics to help you ignite your entrepreneurial spirit! Together with your peers, learn methods and skills to realise your innovative potential, led by professional innovation coaches.


Day 1

Your Innovation Skills

    Introduction to the innovator’s skill set
    Reflection on one’s own skill set
    Discovering the entrepreneurial superpowers within the group

Future Thinking

    Learn and reflect on relevant future trends in a specific field (STEEP trend & key factor analysis)
    Discover possible futures that are worth being prepared for
    Develop a future scenario that you would like to make a reality


    Understanding a problem as a basis for innovative ideation
    Getting to know different brainstorming methods and test them
    Generating, evaluating, and selecting ideas

Day 2

Teamwork Essentials

    Introduction to working in teams
    Agility and self-organised teams (VUCA)
    Role model Q&A with a team expert

Business Model Canvas

    Introduction to business modeling vs. business planning; getting to know the Business Model Canvas
    Hands-on working with the elements of the Business Model Canvas
    Reflection and exchange on how to apply the tool outside the workshop

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