GDR MEETICC Plenary Conference 2023

Solid state physics and chemistry will be in the center of attention at this conference, gathering a large community of researchers, experimentalists, and theoreticians interested in unconventional electronic states and properties in different classes of materials, correlated systems (magnetism, superconductivity), topological materials, and confined systems.

Selected Speakers

  • Peter Hodsworth, ENS Lyon, France
  • Jean-Pascal Brison, PHELIQS Grenoble, France
  • Aline Ramires, PSI, Switzerland
  • Isabelle Braems, IMN Nantes, France
  • Philippe Veber, CRISTEC & ILM Lyon, France
  • Guillaume Chastanet, ICMCB Bordeaux, France
  • Daniel Malterre, IJL Nancy, France
  • Marie-Bernadette Lepetit, Néel Institute Grenoble, France
Event Details

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