Global Conversation on Sustainability (GCS)

Global Conversation on Sustainability (GCS)

Author: IYCN

The International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN) and IUPAC aim to coordinate an annual one-day global event on September 25 that focuses on sustainability towards a common good. The GCS project is aligned with the IYCN and IUPAC goals related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) by raising awareness and implementing sustainable practices worldwide. It aims to connect and engage scientists in taking effective actions toward sustainability by targeting the SDGs and keeping track of their progress.

The following outcomes are expected to be accomplished:

  • Establish a culture of sustainable practices among the scientific community;
  • Promote the engagement of young and established scientists to benefit society and the sustainability of our planet;
  • Showcase activities pursued locally that could be applied nationally/internationally;
  • Create synergies between different countries and continents in implementing sustainable practices;
  • Highlight opportunities for younger chemists to volunteer for IUPAC projects by enhancing IYCN/IUPAC synergies that could extend to other international scientific organizations and networks of young professionals.

The IYCN and IUPAC invite scientists worldwide to join this global conversation on September 25 by organizing their own event “because sustainable action starts with a conversation.” Such events can follow a variety of formats; possibilities include a lecture series or a panel discussion.



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