Guess the Character (12)

Guess the Character (12)

Author: Cordula Buse

The character we are looking for is a brilliant, but obsessed scientist who discovers a way to breathe life into inanimate matter. Using this newly found method, they start a highly unorthodox experiment with dangerous consequences.

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Drawing of Frankenstein's monsterVictor Frankenstein is the brilliant, yet troubled scientist at the center of Mary Shelley’s Novel “Frankenstein, or, the Modern Prometheus” [1]. He is very interested in science—in particular, alchemy and chemistry—and becomes obsessed with the nature of life and death.

When he develops a method to give life to inanimate matter, Victor uses it to bring a humanoid body created out of deceased body parts to life: the famous Frankenstein’s monster, or “the Creature”.  However, Victor is so horrified by what he has done—especially by the ugliness of the Creature—that he flees at first, and later resolves to destroy it.

Unfortunately, Victor does not succeed and the Creature escapes. Victor tragically dies, still unsuccessfully pursuing the Creature. The “monster”, who was greatly misunderstood and is actually very intelligent and empathetic, is overcome by sorrow at Victor’s death and vows to commit suicide. At the story’s end, which takes place in the Arctic, it drifts away on an ice raft and is never seen again.

[1] Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus, Sever, Francis, & Company, 1869.




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