ChemistryViews is the online science news magazine of Chemistry Europe, an organization of 16 European chemical societies. It informs about what is happening in the global chemistry community and has a strong focus on the people behind the science. It covers new ideas, educates, and entertains.
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Types of Content

Types of Magazine Articles

  • Book Review
    Comments from scientists on recently published science books and textbooks

  • Bulletin
    Press releases of articles published in Chemistry Europe and GDCh journals

  • Clever Picture
    Information on a topic in image form

  • Cartoon
    Cartoon series ‘Wonderlab’ with a chemical theme

  • Commentary
    Leaders in their field discuss the current state of research and where they see their field heading

  • Event Highlight
    Summarising highlights from conferences and other events

  • Editorial
    A word from our Editor-in-Chief

  • Focus
    Explaining the science behind everyday phenomena

  • Interview
    Introducing outstanding or interesting scientists
    Including Interview Series

Women in Chemistry
What’s Cooking in Chemistry
Career: As a Chemist at … (career inteviews)

  • Industry Roundup
    A graphical overview of different aspects of the chemical industry

  • Quiz
    A test of your knowledge of chemistry and chemists and a lot of fun

  • Research Highlight
    In-depth look at one or several research articles

  • Spotlight
    Drawing attention to special research, institutes, or persons 

  • News
    Daily updates about the latest research and the chemical industry

  • Videos
    Collection of videos, including interviews with prominent scientists, highlights from conferences and competitions, 1-minute introductions to latest research, explanations, and a lighthearted look at chemistry

  • Awards Accepting Nominations
    Details about awards and prizes with open nominations

  • Funding Information
    Listing of funding bodies for research and scholarships


Other Content/Services

  • Events
    Listing of chemistry and chemistry-related conferences, exhibitions, seminars, and workshops/training courses, including the option to submit your own event to the list

  • Advertorials Section
    The latest products and services from companies


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