Women in Chemistry — IYC Interview Series

Women in Chemistry — IYC Interview Series

Author: Vera Koester

2011 is the International Year of Chemistry (IYC 2011) and the centenary of Marie Curie’s Nobel prize in Chemistry. A good opportunity to present interesting women throughout the year in ChemistryViews.

List of all so far published interviews

Zuriati Zakaria Interview with Zuriati Zakaria

Professor at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Selangor, Malaysia, and the first Malay woman from Malaysia to receive a PhD in chemistry.

Uta Wille in ChemViews interviewInterview with Uta Wille

Associate Professor Uta Wille, University of Melbourne, Australia, followed a unique career path from atmospheric to organic chemistry, from Germany to Australia

Yamuna Krishnan in ChemViews interviewInterview with Yamuna Krishnan

Yamuna Krishnan, NCBS, India, already perfomed a remarkable career, is enthusiastic not only about sciences, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi

Maria Gavrilescu in ChemViews interviewInterview with Maria Gavrilescu

Maria Gavrilescu is professor at the Gheorghe Asachi Technical Universiry, Iasi, Romania, and author of highly cited review articles

 Zeinab Shaaban Abd El-Ati Abou El-Naga in ChemViews interviewInterview with Zeinab Shaaban Abd El-Ati Abou El-Naga

Zeinab Shaaban Abd El-Ati Abou El-Naga, Mansoura University, Egypt, combines zoology and chemistry to develop safer insecticides

Polly Arnold in ChemViews interviewInterview with Polly Arnold

Polly Arnold, University of Edinburgh, UK, already was identified as a rising star when presented a prize by his Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh

Vivian Yam in ChemViews interviewInterview with Vivian Yam

Vivian Yam, University of Hong Kong, was the youngest member to join the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Veronique Gouverneur in ChemViews interviewInterview with Veronique Gouverneur

Veronique Gouverneur, University of Oxford, UK, has worked in research groups on both sides of the Atlantic with renown scientists

Roberta Sessoli in ChemViews interviewInterview with Roberta Sessoli

Roberta Sessoli, University of Florence, Italy, is a pioneer in the field of magnetic bistability and quantum effects in mesoscopic materials

Supawan Tantayanon in ChemViews interviewInterview with Supawan Tantayanon

Supawan Tantayanon, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, will be the first female president of the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies

Ulrike Flad in ChemViews interviewInterview with Ulrike Flad

Ulrike Flad is the granddaughter of the founder of the Dr. Flad Institute in Stuttgart, Germany, and will take over its management from her father

Danielle Ballivet-Tkatchenko in ChemViews interviewInterview with Danielle Ballivet-Tkatchenko

Danielle Ballivet-Tkatchenko, University of Bourgogne, France, is a leading researcher in the field of CO2 conversion and utilization

Lene Hviid in ChemViews interviewInterview with Lene Hviid

L. Hviid, Knowledge Group Leader and Project Manager, Tata Steel, the Netherlands, took an interesting way from research to management

Helena Dodziuk in ChemViews interviewInterview with Helena Dodziuk

H. Dodziuk, Polish Academy of Sciences, works on molecules with interesting topography and strained hydrocarbons with unusual spatial structures

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