LANXESS Inorganic Pigments: Establishing Statistical Decision Making across an Organization

An open-minded organization takes up an innovative work approach, establishes it, and refines it with the appropriate new tool—sounds like an ideal image or wishful thinking. But how can this description come true? How and why does an organization undergo a transformation in this way?

The LANXESS Business Unit Inorganic Pigments is a leading manufacturer of synthetically produced inorganic color pigments. Despite the long history of expertise in pigment production, going back over more than 90 years, the business unit is constantly optimizing and innovating the processes (not only in production), uses new methods and tools and refines it cooperatively “from within”—just like the implementation of the statistical software JMP with creating a totally new JMP community with regular exchange of experience and trainings.

In this event, Dr. Bartholomäus Luczak, Plant Production Manager at LANXESS Business Unit Inorganic Pigments, shows why a joint vision, easy flagship projects, informal opinion leaders, personal development of the employees as well as a regular, open-minded experience exchange are so important and why it can be more expedient not to pursue new approaches “top-down”.

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