nanoGPS: Correlative Microscopy Solution

Sometimes researchers would like to access a microscope that is not available in their own lab. nanoGPS allows fast relocalization of points of interest between different microscopes and modalities: Raman, SEM, EDX, EBSD, cathodoluminescence, optical microscope, AFMs. and more.

The event covers nanoGPS. The accuracy of nanoGPS’ patented solution is based on super-resolution and is not limited by the optical resolution. The key technology behind nanoGPS is image-based position sensing, with which the precise position and orientation can be determined from a single image of a patterned tag. Precisions of a few nanometers and a few tens of μrad are achievable with nanoGPS technology, leading to a typical relocalization accuracy of a few microns.

Relocating areas of interest without wasting time means more time for research. Sharing samples with other scientists in remote laboratories to get additional information (structural, elemental, molecular) on specific zones of interest is made simpler, with no risk of confusion or misunderstanding.

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