Open Research Knowledge Graph Webinar

Scholarly work is mainly communicated through publications, in the form of unstructured texts. Considering the continuously increasing number of publications, researchers are finding it increasingly difficult to stay current with the literature that is relevant to them. The Open Research Knowledge Graph (ORKG) aims to address this problem by describing scholarly work in a structured manner, making the actual contents and not only the bibliographic metadata of the papers human-readable as well as machine-actionable.

In this Webinar, the Open Research Knowledge Graph is introduced and explaiedn how you can add content. Besides a brief introduction to the main ideas and goals, it will be show how to use the interface to enter your data and provide an example use case.

To attend, click the link below.



3:00 pm Welcome and Introduction

3:15 pm Tutorial: How To Create an ORKG Comparison

3:30 pm Use Case: An Example

3:40 pm Questions and Discussion

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