Optimize Combined WDS and EDS Analysis on the SEM

EDS and WDS are two techniques that utilize the X-ray signal generated when a solid sample is bombarded with an electron beam (e.g. in an SEM). This online event discusses the advantages and limitations of both techniques and showcases latest developments in the AZtecWave software. Combined WDS-EDS automation and mapping enables EDS and WDS data to be optimally acquired and successfully combined to investigate diffusion profiles and other spatial variations in major-trace element composition.

Key Learnings

  • How elemental mapping with WDS can be used to accurately determine spatial variations in trace elements or those affected by X-ray peak overlaps in the EDS spectrum
  • How the automation of quantitative WDS and/or EDS analysis from lines of points can be used to investigate diffusion profiles
  • How to work effectively by automating the collection of WDS and/or EDS data from individual points or lines of points
Event Details

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