13th International Symposium on “Scientific Bases for the Preparation of Heterogeneous Catalysts” (PREPA13)

The event covers the scientific bases for the preparation of heterogeneous catalysts. It brings together researchers from academia and industry and offers a forum for discussions on the chemistry involved in the preparation of industrial heterogeneous catalysts. Contributions focusing on all aspects of catalyst preparation are welcome. Reports on physico-chemical characteristics of catalysts and catalytic performances should be limited to correlations with the preparation parameters.


  • Innovative approaches in catalyst preparation for specific performance
    Air and water depollution processes
    Biomass conversion and biorefinery processes
    Petroleum refinery, petrochemistry and natural gas conversion
    Green chemicals and fine chemicals
    Electrocatalytic and photocatalytic processes
    Artificial photosynthesis
  • Advanced preparations of catalysts and supports
    MOFs, COFs, PMOs, zeolites and ordered mesoporous materials
    Hierarchical materials
    Clays and layered catalysts
    Heterogenized homogeneous catalysts
    Nanotubes, nanofibers and nanoparticles (including carbon)
    Immobilised enzymes
    Hybrid and composite catalysts
    Solid chiral catalysts
    Aerogels, xerogels and foams
    Core shell and egg shell structures
    Thin film and membrane catalysts
  • Key concepts and tools in catalyst preparation
    Upscaling and downscaling
    Shaping and structuring
    Rejuvenation of spent catalysts
    Eco-friendly catalyst preparation
    Biomimicking and biomorphism
    Surfactant and template assisted preparations
    Mechanochemical preparations
    Flame and combustion synthesis
    Preparations using ultrasound and electromagnetic radiation
    Plasma assisted preparations
    Synthesis in supercritical conditions
    Photo- and electrodeposition
    Atomic layer deposition
    High-throughput and robotic approaches
    In-situ spectroscopies, imaging
    Numerical and theoretical approaches in catalyst preparation
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