SupraChem 2024

SupraChem 2024

Biannual series of conferences that brings together supramolecular chemists and scientists from related fields to share and discuss cutting-edge research and recent developments in areas ranging from supramolecular polymers, metal-organic structures, molecular cages, supramolecular machinery and dynamic systems, life-like assemblies, and biomimetic materials.

Organisers: Professor Job Boekhoven, Professor Max von Delius, Professor Birgit Esser, TRR234 CataLight, Universität Ulm.


Keynote Speaker

  • Hanadi Sleiman, Canada Research Chair in DNA Nanoscience and Professor at McGill Universit, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • David Leigh; Royal Society Research Professor & Sir Samuel Hall Professor of Chemistry at the University of Manchester; UK
  • Sijbren Otto; Professor in Chemistry at the University of Groningen; The Netherlands
  • Niveen M. Khashab, Professor in Chemistry at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
  • Rafal Klajn, Professor in Chemistry at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria
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