Wasser 2023

Central conference in Germany on all water quality topics with latest results

Part of the event is an exhibition. Exhibitors are welcome to present their products and their company to the audience.

● Wastewater treatment
● Analytics
● Digitalization water 4.0
● Extreme events / climate change
● Water bodies / groundwater / sediments
● Marine chemistry
● Microbiology and hygiene
● Nanoparticles / microplastics
● Ecotoxicology
● Trace substances
● Drinking water treatment

Scientific Committee
Thomas Ternes Koblenz (Chair)
Frank Brauer Berlin
Martin Elsner Munich
Ralph Fliege Monheim
Regina Gnirrs Berlin
Martin Jekel Berlin
Alexander Kämpfe Bad Elster
Holger Lutze Darmstadt
Thorsten Reemtsma Leipzig
Marco Scheurer Karlsruhe
Torsten Schmidt Essen
Sebastian Sturm Karlsruhe
Markus Weber Leverkusen
Rudi Winzenbacher Langenau
Christian Zwiener Tübingen



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