Wine vs. Beer Question

Wine vs. Beer Question

Author: ChemistryViews

Wine and beer, the oldest alcoholic drinks, are made from fruit and grain, respectively. Wine production involves the direct conversion of fruit sugars to alcohol using yeast. Beer, on the other hand, is more complex, requiring the conversion of grain starch to sugar prior to yeast fermentation.


Why go to all that trouble?

A) Because beer tastes better

B) Because people like extra work

C) Because other advantages in production outweigh these disadvantages

D) Because beer and wine have never been produced in the same geographic area

E) Because clever chemistry can make yeast ferment the starch in grains




  1. Miklos Simonyi

    The main problem is the question itself.
    Is wine really superior? Not only more expensive?
    On a hot day we drink beer, after a good meal we drink wine, which happens more often, the hot day, or the good meal?
    Why do we have apples and peers?
    Just enjoy you have a choice!

    1. Catharina Goedecke

      Thank very much for pointing this out! The question was indeed worded in a misleading manner. It was meant to refer to the easier fermentation process, not the beverage as such. We have removed “wine is the superior beverage”.

      Your ChemistryViews Team


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