Workshop on Physical Chemistry Didactics and Conference on Optical Spectroscopy

The workshop on physical chemistry didactics aims to create a collective space for physical chemistry lecturers to come together. It will be an occasion for university teachers to discuss how to innovate the curriculum, teaching methods, and lecture approaches in physical chemistry education.


  • Approaching the subject
  • Activating students 
  • Problem solving in education 
  • Laboratories, new lab modules at different universities
  • Curriculum on the bachelor, master, and Ph.D. level 
  • Third cycle education, what is needed to make good Ph.D. programs? 
  • How to increase the interest of physical chemistry at the master level, do we want to have a common strategy?

The conference on the subject of optical spectroscopy
aims to bring together spectroscopists working in Sweden.

Selected Speakers

  • Karl Börjesson
  • Tönu Pullerits
  • Ishita Jalan
  • Moritz Senger
  • Alma Karlsson
  • Nicola Peruffo
  • Rahul Bhuyan
  • Sina Wrede
  • Carlos Benitez-Martin
  • Rasmus Ringström
  • Christina Wegeberg
  • Catherine Johnson
  • Nora Eliasson
  • Huotina Zhang
  • Monika Chaudhary
  • Hannah Tideland
  • Andrew Carrod
  • Bo Albinsson
  • Joakim Andreasson


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