21st International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR 2023)

21st International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR 2023)

The NIR symposium series is known as the world’s leading biannual conference on this fast growing technology.

The program will span from fundamentals of spectroscopy, over methodological and technological advances to the integration of the wide range of applications. The symposium will feature workshops, tutorials, plenary, keynote and research lectures from leading and upcoming scientists in the field.

Lectures and poster presentations will be selected from submitted abstracts to make sure that participants find ample opportunities to share and to discuss their latest findings with the audience in a stimulating atmosphere.

As an integral part of NIR2023 Innsbruck a representative exhibition of the leading vendors in the field will be organized to round up the concept of the symposium and to complement the programme.


Topics to be addressed at the NIR2023 Innsbruck Symposium

  • Fundamentals and Instrumentation: Novel theoretical attempts and sensor design
  • Chemometrics: Recent developments in quantum mechanics, neuronal networks and non-linear regression, two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy (2D-COS)
  • Hyperspectral Imaging: Strategies for potent sample measurement combined with efficient algorithms
  • Impacts in Pharma, Diagnostics and Biotechnology: Latest and novel spectroscopic attempts to increase sample throughput, selectivity to make NIR the method of choice
  • Agriculture, Dairy and Food: Increasing world population and food incidents are demanding for novel more efficient strategies
  • Water, Soil and Environment: How NIR can support environment and soil and water can tell the NIR spectroscopist
  • Consumables and Life-Style Products: How to bring novel NIR methodologies to a daily routine quality control tool
  • PAT: Recent advances of automated on-line, at-line, and in-line quality control
  • Allergenics: NIR spectroscopic contributions towards the increasing number of allergens appearing on a global scale
  • Future Trends: What is completely new and might pop up asap


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